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Winter Tree Trimming in Payson, Arizona

Here in Payson, Arizona trees are often the focal point of the landscaping of our homes. We take pride in living in the "largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world". With the pine, oak, and other trees often found in your yards pruning and trimming your trees is a must for proper landscape maintenance. Doing so in the winter is a common practice and can help provide the best results when spring rolls around in a few months.

Why Is Tree Trimming Necessary?

Just let the trees be, right? It will surely all take care of itself... Even though many homeowners here in Rim Country like that wild, untamed landscape it is important to cut back trees for safety. Large trees with heavy dead branches can cause potentially injury not to just your home or cars but your love ones on the property.

Properly trimming a tree can be used to influence the growth pattern of the tree in the seasons to come. Not only with this improve the structural integrity of the tree but can help with over shape and aesthetic of your yard. To top it of, tree trimming will help make sure that tree limbs stay clear of power lines and homes.

If you’re worried about your trees looking too manicured or missing to many branches, it’s also possible to do light trimming without taking away their natural beauty.

When Should Trees Be Pruned? Why Winter?

Winter is the best time of year to cut back trees, because most plants are dormant in the coldest months of the year. During this time, a tree’s growth slows, it consumes less energy, and it stops generating food. The process is a lot like hibernation.

This provides the perfect time to begin trimming trees as the trees are less at risk from potential harms of trimming. If done properly by a landscaping expert, your trees will begin to flourish in the coming months as the warmer weather begins to return.

How to Trim Trees in Winter

Safe and proper tree trimming requires expertise, tree knowledge, the right equipment and a clear understanding of the desired appearance and the overall tree’s health. Here are a few simple rules to consider during the tree trimming process:

  • Pick a dry and clear day

  • Remove dead or distressed branches first

  • Trim smaller overgrown branches to let more light in through the tree

  • Trim your trees with the idea of long term support

  • Consider power lines & other obstacles when trimming so when the tree begins to flourish it stays clear of those objects.

Trimming trees can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know what to look for. Make sure to consider the tree's health, bad weather and any nearby structures to the tree. Tree trimming done by a licensed professional can be done safer, quicker, and with a perspective of long term landscaping needs and desires.

Get Your Trees Trimmed this Winter

Payson Dump and Clean offers services from tree trimming and landscaping to junk removal and haul-off services. Whatever your need might be we can help you achieve a home & yard that you can be proud of while always honoring our affordable prices. Our team of landscape professionals and junk removal specialists know exactly how to make sure your Payson landscape becomes and stays beautiful!

Give us a call today or send us a quick email to learn more about all our landscaping and junk removal packages!

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