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5 Tips For A Fall Junk Removal in Payson, Arizona

Getting rid of junk come fall time can be a great exercise for most homeowners. Let's be honest items can start to accumulate over the years. Get rid of that old washing machine, bedframe, or any other large item and free up some of that much wanted space. We have come up with 5 junk removal and half off tips to help make this process a little easier for you this fall.

1. Donate Your Junk

If you junk or material that is cluttering up your home, consider donating it to our local Rim Country organizations or residents who can make use of the material. Places like Goodwill will be more than happy to accept your donations as long as they are in decent condition. Even places like Facebook marketplace or Offerup can be a great place to donate your unused items.

Call friends and family and see if anyone else is interested in these items. Maybe they will even move it for you. Old electronics can be recycled at places like Best Buy where they can be recycled for free.

2. Hire A Junk Removal Service

The fastest and easiest way to remove your unwanted junk is to contact a local junk removal service in Rim Country. These type of companies offer the needed energy, sweat, time, and tools that most Payson homeowners do not have. Why break your back lifting up that old heavy fridge when you can hire a group like Payson Dump and Clean?

If you do decide to rid your home of these items on your own you will need to take them out to the landfill. This might require renting a dumpster or trailer. An expert will often have the proper dumpster or trailer to remove the items without the need of you having to rent a truck and trailer.

Our team of experts have insured vehicles with the primary purpose of removing debris, junk, and other items from your home. Head to our web page where you can request a free quote for our junk removal experts to help you clean up your property. In the long run this will be much more cost effective than trying to handle this issue on your own.

3. Dumpster Rental

Don't have a truck or vehicle to remove your junk on your own? Consider renting a dumpster. Payson Dump and Clean offers businesses and residential properties the ability to rent a dumpster to remove the unwanted junk from their property. Once your finished our team of experts will come and pick up the dumpster and dispose of the junk properly.

View our dumpster bin rentals prices and options here.

4. Check Your Community’s Large Item Removal Schedule

Many communities offer a monthly large item removal service. Check with your local city or county government to see when the bulk trash pickup occurs. If they don’t stop by once per month then they will swing by every two or three months. It is just a matter of finding out when the service is offered, what types of items they are willing to transport and the maximum size that can be hauled.

5. Don’t Get Rid Of Everything

Not everything in your home is "junk". Even though it may feel like that at times. Don't move so quickly that you throw away a bunch of items that you will later realize had such value to you and your family. Check local listing options to see if there is a market for your unwanted items.

What might feel like junk to you, might be a treasure to another.

Contact Payson Dump and Clean Today!

If you are ready to start your fall time junk removal contact our team at Payson Dump and Clean to have the experience, tools, and effort you need to bring beauty back to your property.

For a full list of our services you can visit

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Jun 23, 2022

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