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Our Services

JUNK.  You know you have some. Might be in the garage, or that part of the backyard you haven't been to in years. We get it, "someday" just never happened.  Let's be honest, your junk just won’t go away on its own. Luckily, you've met Dump and Clean. The junk removal service of Payson and Rim Country can help.


What can Dump and Clean do for you? The short answer is just about anything. The long answer is we can remove your junk in anything that fits in our Dump and Clean trucks. For bigger jobs or potentially hazardous materials check-in with a Dump and Clean Expert first.

The cost to have us remove your junk is less than you might think. Our pricing is based on volume, or in other words, how much of our truck your junk takes up. Our minimum charge is as low as $100 and the maximum load can be up to $550. During your evaluation process, we will be able to provide an instant quote for your junk removal.



Dump and Clean takes junk seriously. From garage clean up to full house clear outs, we can do it. 


The last thing you want to do after demolition or construction is hauling off your debris. Let us take care of it.

Roof Cleaning


We offer both fire wising and yard/facility maintenance services. Have a yard you can be proud of!


With over a dozen years of pressure washing experience, Dump and Clean can restore the beauty of your residence!

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