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Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Payson, AZ Property

Updated: May 19, 2021

Spring is here in Rim Country! The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and the days are getting longer. If we didn't already have a number of reasons to get outside living in Payson, Arizona, Spring only gives us more of a desire to be outside! This means we will most likely be spending more time in our own backyards, and we should enjoy that to the fullest!

Add this spring yard cleanup list to your weekend plans to have that backyard you can be proud of!

Spring Yard Cleanup List

  • Broken branches - Living in Payson, Arizona and Rim County means that we get to be engulfed in the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world. Although the benefits of this far outweigh the pitfalls, most homeowners still have to deal with broken branches that come from our trees. Using a wood chipper or having the debris removed can be an easy way to bring back some beauty to your yard.

  • Leaves & Pine Needles: Fallen leaves and pine needles can easily overcome your Rim Country home. These piles of debris can often serve as great hiding spots for a variety of pests. If you didn’t have the opportunity to rake in the fall, now’s the time to do it.

  • Unused firewood: Did you know termites and other pests like to get cozy in your firewood stack? If your firewood won’t be good for next winter, consider having it removed or thrown into a wood chipper.

  • Broken equipment: If your old weed whacker isn’t going to cut it this season, you can make some room in your garden shed for something new. If it’s still in working condition, see if anyone local would like it. You can also take it apart and recycle the separate components for an eco-friendly solution to disposing of it.

Call Dump & Clean For Your Junk Removal & Hauling for Your Spring Yard Waste Pickup

Dump and Clean is Payson's Junk Removal and Haul-Off Service providers that have the tools and determination to help give you a yard that you can enjoy this spring. If you have junk and need it removed we are the team to call!

Contact us today by calling 928-978-7389 or click here to view junk removal pricing and receive your free quote.

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