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Helping Payson & Rim Country Become a Firewise Community

The increasing threat of wildfires to life and property in the Payson and Rim Country area have become very real in the recent months with the fires that have come so close to our homes and community. It is no secret that Arizona resources are pushed to the limits over the summer months when fighting the many forest fires throughout the state.

The suppression efforts in the area are complicated by the need for the simultaneous suppression of both structural fire and wildfire. The suppression agencies are actively involved in fire prevention efforts with our communities but are not solely responsible in making sure that our communities and homes are safe from possible fire danger. It is extremely important for all Rim Country and Payson homeowners to realize and understand that we live in a fire prone state and community and there are certain steps that you can take to create a more firewise area. Not only to protect you but your neighbors as well.

While living in the Payson area, as a homeowner you have a responsibility to properly prepare your home and land for a potential fire before it ever happens. This can limit or completely negate any potential losses when a fire is started.

You should also create a defensible space – an area of at least 30 feet surrounding the home and outbuildings – serves as a safety zone around the structures. Within this area, the vegetation should be controlled and the area free of dead debris, leaves, and flammable vegetation in order to prevent a wildfire from traveling from the forest to the structure.

Maintaining a green space, landscaped with fire resistant vegetation improves the safety zone. The roof, exterior, and attachments to the structures (decks, porches or fences) should all be constructed with fire-resistant materials. Homeowners should also plan for and maintain the access routes to the home for emergency vehicles. Each household should also prepare a disaster plan.

A Few Ideas For Firewise Living in Payson

  1. Maintenance – Keep your roof, gutters, and yard free of dead leaves, twigs, and other flammable debris.

  2. Access – Clear the vegetation from around your driveway to a width of at least 12 feet and a height of 14 feet, to allow emergency vehicles to reach your home.

  3. Decks– Remove leaves, lumber, and other flammable debris from under and around decks. For low decks, enclose underneath the deck with lattice, backed by wire screen.

  4. Landscaping – Use Firewise plants and mulches in your landscape, and avoid using evergreens and ornamental grasses within 30 feet of the home. Place landscape plants far enough apart that fire cannot spread from one to another.

  5. Foundation – Clear flammable material away from the house. Keep all plants landscape plants a minimum distance of 4 feet from the house. Do not plant evergreen shrubs or ornamental grasses against the house.

  6. Outbuildings – Include all outbuildings and fences in your Firewise improvements.

  7. House – When the time comes to replace the siding or roof of the house, choose fire-resistant building materials such as masonry, aluminum siding, fiber cement board, and asphalt shingles.

  8. Firewood – Move your firewood pile at least 30 feet from any buildings.

As you can see there is a lot that needs to be taken care of for just one home to become a firewise community. This is why our team at Payson Dump & Clean is committed to helping the residents of Payson and all of Rim Country enjoy a firewise home.

This list may seem like a long list of tasks, which is why we recommend hiring our team who has the time, experience, and tools to do this job right!

Contact us today or give us a call directly at 928-978-7389 to receive a free quote about creating a more firewise home and community!

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