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Land Clearing

In order to complete those big outdoor jobs, you need the BIG equipment. Not only does Dump and Clean have all the needed equipment to handle everything from land clearing, fire wising, landscaping, snow removal, and pressure washing, but we also have the experience and know how to go with it! 

There is no job to big, contact us today!

Land Management Services

Fire Wising

Dump and Clean looks at land clearing and fire wising as another type clean out. We have all the well-maintained equipment to make short work out of any job, from diesel chippers, tractors, hydraulic cutters, pole and chain saws. Our techs have multiple years of both hotshot and tree trimming service experience. So, when your HOA or the fire inspector say the time has come to spruce up your property, make Dump and clean your first call.

Facility Maintenance

We commercial property maintenance. From lawn care, clean up, tree trimming, minor irrigation repair, and more. This is especially helpful to our commercial customers who are using us for pressure washing or other services. If you want an immaculate-looking yard for your home or commercial building, Dump & Clean has the equipment and the team to do the job right.


Dump and Clean can and does do basic landscape maintenance. From lawn care, clean up, pruning, and trimming, as well as minor irrigation repair, we got you covered. If you want an immaculate-looking yard for your home or commercial building, or want to be on the safe side and properly fire wise your home then Dump and Clean is the team to call!

Pressure Washing

Have a pesky spot that just won't wash away? Oil spill making the outside of your office look unpleasing? Dump and Clean has commercial grade pressure washers to make the outside of your commercial property sing professional.


Contact us today!

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Our Quality Guarantee

Our mission is to help the residents of Rim Country have a home or commercial building that they are proud of. With a number of cleaning and removal services, we have the tools, experience, and work ethic to bring back the beauty to your location.  

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