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When you need different clean-up jobs done around your facility, you don’t want to have to keep calling someone different for each job. Let Dump and Clean be your one contract for all your needs.

So if you looking for a company to help keep you looking your best, make Dump and Clean your 1st call.

Facility Maintenance Service

Pressure Washing

Dump and clean has a trailer pull, hot water diesel burner, professional grade pressure washer that cuts dirt and grime like no other. Keep your sidewalks, driveways, deck, and so much more looking like new.


From weed treatment, tree trimming and minor irrigation repairs, we have you covered.

Window Cleaning & Repair

If you have a window cleaning job or minor repairs around your facility you need taken care of, we can handle it!

Discounted Prices

As a client you would be entitled to discounts and our other services, like construction bin rentals, construction fence retal, demolition, and clean out services.

2020-03-29 16.57.50.jpg

Our Quality Guarantee

Our mission is to help the residents of Rim Country have a home or commercial building that they are proud of. With a number of cleaning and removal services, we have the tools, experience, and work ethic to bring back the beauty to your location.  

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